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Music Production |
We produce and provide music to support your project either in conjuction with the artist in the studio or at the direction of the artist. This includes recording, tracking, mixing, and mastering your project.

MixTapes |
With our ear to the street, we routinely create and make available to you, the artifacts of hip-hop through a unique approach to mixing and cutting music.
-Masters are available to support your listening community as well as individual CD's.

Music Library of original tracks
With the use of REASON 4.0, Pro-Tools, and Nuendo we author and publish original content in the form of a library. Individual tracks can be licensed to you for a defined period of time or purchased outright.


Fridays: FridayNiteFlava
The mix show that includes new music, rare grooves, and in-studio guest. .
Messages left on the FBFM HotLine will be incorporated into the show - hit up the HotLine.

Saturdays: SpitThisToGetThis remixes
The show includes freestyling artits and various vocally motividated hip hop artifacts over hit music and original beats.

On Demand: Various snippets, "shout-ins" , Pump it or Dump it surverys...
Tune in to find out just what may be featured - you never know it may be somethin YOU said.