Bastard Library - Vol. 2
This listening room showcases more of our creativity at w3FBFM. In this listening room you will find snippets of tracks available to license for your film, trailer, TV program, album or demo. All material can be licensed for use. Buyouts also available.
2007 Infinitely Seeking Music, All Rights Reserved.

"1stRunner" / DJ "G"
Dreamy and upbeat. Arrangement is stellar on this one!

"Baldwin Hills" / DJ "G"
BET Networks slept on this one! Check the vocals on the next album release from DJ "G".

"14thRunner" / DJ "G"
Guitar is sick on this one. Listen all the way through!

"FuckWhatYouGot" / DJ "G"
Hot Shit!!! This one was taylor made for the one and only Ricoshade. Hella dramatic nigkah...

"OneHourShort" / DJ "G"
Put this one in your film. Banger with mad drama!

"Dynamic Hip-Hop Performer" / DJ "G"
This one is strictly for da headz. Theme song for DJ G and The Funky Bastards. Get wit it!!!!

"19thRunner" / DJ "G"
Kinda like "Puttin on the Hits" with a "Bastard" twist!!!

"FifthRunner" / DJ "G"
Funky as hell! The horn section is stabbin' da hell outta da track. Certified banger!!!

"Beware ofYourThoughts (Raw)" / DJ "G"
Game time yall. Buzzer beater...

"WhoKnows (Fehr Remix)" / DJ "G"
Simply incredible... Horns on point, once again!!!

"ButIGotLuv4U" / DJ "G" f. Rumen
Flawless arrangement. More dramatic than a daytime soap. Peep it!

"23rdRunner" / DJ "G"
Journey music. Take that ride!!!